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Whenever one looks at online Casino and brick and mortar casino outlets, machines and software, they cannot ignore to make a mention of the name IGT or International Game Technology. This is a very big name in the gambling and online gaming industry and they are credited with some of the best software and machinery as far as various types of games are concerned. See for yourself why IGT is considered one of the best casino software providers by many. Get redirected to this page and claim a no deposit free spins bonus that you can spend on slots games developed by this online gambling giant. IGT has always been at the forefront of expanding to other markets and they are well known for various takeovers and mergers. In keeping with this trend they have taken a major step in bringing entraction casino games within their fold. Entraction Holding, AB is a big name in the casino gaming industry in Sweden and IGT took the step of taking over this company for a consideration that is supposed to be worth around $115 million. This company in Sweden amongst other things is very famous for coming out with the best online poker networks and games It also supplies various entraction casino games in many parts of the world, especially to many European countries. Play IGT games on the top online casino sites for free by claiming a no deposit bonus code for new players.

IGT by offering to take over the various entraction casino games under the aegis of Entraction Holding is aggressively entering the European online casino market. This takeover would it as the 12 largest internet poker company in the world and would also push IGT to the third in ranking as far as independent networks are concerned. IGT would be able to tap on around 4 million registered gamblers who are regular players of entraction casino games. These can be played at a wide variety of leading online casinos without using your own money. Check out the site to find out where you can play slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and many more games.

Though there are many people who believe that the price offered by IGT is quite high, IGT seems confident and feels that the price would commensurate with the benefits that would come to it and also the various entraction casino games players. These players can now look forward to some high quality games from IGT. So it could be a win-win situation for all stakeholders, i.e. IGT, Entraction Holding and most importantly the customers.

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