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Craps Cards VS Dice

Craps is traditionally played with dice, but some states do not allow gambling on dice games. It may seem that this would eliminate craps from the repertoire of these locations. Rather than resign themselves to traditional card games and slots, these casinos have instead changed craps so that it can be played with the same bets and rules using cards instead of dice. When talking about playing online casino games, we can't leave aside, the best place where you can find everything about all types of casino games. Visit it. There is something for every taste.

How it Is Played

Craps with cards is played in the same exact manner as craps with dice, using the ace through the number 6 to represent what would otherwise be the sides of the dice. The same bets and payoffs are used. The advantage that this card game has over craps with dice is that the established point cannot be used by the shooter again until a new shelf is hit. No matter which variation of craps you enjoy playing more, or any other casino game for that matter, you can now use your mobile device and keep being entertained on the go. presents its newest casino app, complete with hundreds of games to choose from and excellent casino bonuses and deals.

Using Your Advantage

Once you understand that the established point can't be hit again, you can make much better decisions with your bets. Laying odds against 4, 10, 6 and 8 all give the player the advantage over the house. A play in which the house has a negative advantage is nearly unheard of, so you should lay maximum odds against these numbers. Laying odds against 5 and 9 has zero advantage for both the player and the house.

All of the skills you've learned in craps with dice will transfer easily to craps with cards. Keeping your additional advantages in mind, you should be able to play this type of craps with even better odds than traditional craps.

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